Patching the mouse wrapping glitch in 3ds Max 2010 on Windows 10

Using 3ds Max 2010 under Windows 10, when panning the viewport, the mouse cursor frequently glitches away and the viewport pans off to nowhere. I worked around the issue by…

First try at surface mount soldering

Soldering iron set to 340°C. IC fixed in place with solder on one pin, then drag soldered the pins on both sides. Might work with lower temperature. Should’ve taped off…

A practical explanation of Bayer Dithering

How to implement bayer dithering for reducing an image to a lower bits per color format. This article explains bayer dithering in a practical manner. If you really want a…

Polyverse and Tempest in the Aether

Ingame screenshot of work-in-progress environment content provided by the Tempest in the Aether project. Working on the lighting and effects setup. Used as testing area for Polyverse, using the Ryzom…

Global Game Jam 2015

Made some music again at the global game jam this year.


Ingame screenshot of work-in-progress S-type asteroid landscape. Working on the texturing, landscape modeling and lightcycle effects. Character model used for testing provided by Winch Gate under CC-BY-SA.

Drawing Practice

Haven’t done any proper drawing in over a year now… Might start practicing more regularly again for a bit.

Ryzom on the Oculus Rift

Currently porting an MMORPG to the Oculus Rift. Early builds are available on the Oculus VR forums.

Tsunacon 2014 Figure: Work in Progress

Current project, a new 3D printed figure for Tsunacon 2014, work in progress.