Smooth Full Color 3D Printing

First successful test piece for smooth FCS. More details in the thread on the Shapeways forums.

Testing Shapeways’ new Full Color Sandstone

Shapeways has recently updated the Full Color Sandstone process, to be more reliable and give more consistent colors. I had some samples printed, to compare them with the old FCS,…


Character illustration I made based on the new i-style project Vocaloid 3 character design from


My Arduino + Gameduino + Ethernet + SD + NESController setup…

Gameduino Emulator Open Sourced

I’ve written an emulator for the Gameduino open retro gaming hardware, and made it open source. You can grab the source code from the Gameduino GitHub repository.

Light Decoration

A light decoration made from milk cartons for a school assignment.

Cube Puzzle

A cube puzzle made out of 3mm PS sheet using, a knife, grinding paper, and some tetrachloroethylene, for a school assignment.

Exclusive 3D Printed Figure for Tsunacon 2011

This is the exclusive figure I digitally 3d modeled for Tsunacon 2011, a manga/anime convention in the Netherlands, held last month on the 30th of January. The figure is of…

Figure on Thingiverse

A while ago, I made the first figure that I initially released on Shapeways available in bust format on Thingiverse. I was interested in seeing how different printers compare to…

Global Game Jam 2011

Last month, January 27-29th, I was at the Global Game Jam in Antwerp ( The team I joined made a game where you have to build your island village into…