Hana Figurine 3D Print

The 3d print arrived! Here are some pictures of the figurine, which has a height of about 17cm by the way: You can order your own copy of this print…

Watercoloring Shapeways’ White Strong & Flexible

Coloring test on Shapeways’ White Strong & Flexible 3D printing material, using Winsor & Newton watercolors and Letraset ProMarkers. With watercolors it is possible to make soft gradients between colors,…

Shapeways’ Full Color ‘Sandstone’ Strength Test

Here’s the video where I fail to break the thing in two by hand, and therefore resort to a hammer. Spoiler: the printed thing does not survive. Printed by Shapeways…

Spaceship Sketches

Some sketches of spaceships made during class for a school assignment. The spaceship does not need to be realistic, but it’s shape has to show the personality of a classmate.

3D print samples from Shapeways

Got some nice 3d print samples from Shapeways.


http://twitter.com/Kun_Tuna/status/17105643333 @kaetemi Ik wil ook een tekening nyahdesu, graag iets met catgirls, games en drank ohoho! Mijn artiest tekent liever meiden. T_T #Tsunacon Sketch of Tsunacon mascot Tuna-kun.

A 3d color test print

To try out the ‘Full Color Sandstone’ material at Shapeways, I ordered a print for a simple but obviously colorful test piece. The material kind of feels like a small…

Why avoid closed silver bullet game engines, why not? A full page of Unity bashing

This is another short excerpt of text that I originally wrote as part of my final internship report in June. It is here aimed towards Unity, as this was the…

On the value of innovative techniques in games

This is a short excerpt of text that I originally wrote as part of my final internship report in June. I prefer to look into new ways and new techniques…

Dark Tsuna-chan

A variation on the Tsunacon mascot Tsuna-chan, made more awesome with a modified outfit and obviously a huge sword.