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Drawing Practice

Haven’t done any proper drawing in over a year now… Might start practicing more regularly again for a bit.

Tsunacon 2013 Figure

I created this figure for the Tsunacon 2013 convention in the Netherlands of their mascot character. This is the third year I make one for this convention. Trying out some…

Exclusive 3D Printed figure for Tsunacon 2012

Like I did last year, I’ve made an exclusive 3d printed figure for the 2012 edition of Tsunacon (, a convention in the Netherlands. The figure is again based on…


Character illustration I made based on the new i-style project Vocaloid 3 character design from

Exclusive 3D Printed Figure for Tsunacon 2011

This is the exclusive figure I digitally 3d modeled for Tsunacon 2011, a manga/anime convention in the Netherlands, held last month on the 30th of January. The figure is of…

Tsunacon Keychain

Exclusive keychains I made for Tsunacon (a manga/anime convention in the Netherlands) of their mascot. They were sold at the event, and will be sold at the Tsunacon stand on…

Santa Girl 3D Printed in Color

I printed out another figure. This one is printed by Shapeways as well (, in their “Full Color Sandstone” material (which is basically stuff printed by a ZCorp machine with…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Pictures of 3d print will be posted as soon as the print arrives. Available from