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Drawing Practice

Haven’t done any proper drawing in over a year now… Might start practicing more regularly again for a bit. EDIT (2024): Wow, this was terrible. What a difference not looking…

Tuna-kun @kaetemi Ik wil ook een tekening nyahdesu, graag iets met catgirls, games en drank ohoho! Mijn artiest tekent liever meiden. T_T #Tsunacon Sketch of Tsunacon mascot Tuna-kun.


Just some tower I sketched while taking a walk outside.

STB1 Animated Storyboard – Layers

Some full page collapsed layers from a storyboarding assignment, December 2008.

Random Girl I

Had requests from some people for some more drawings in this style from me, so here’s one. Nothing really special, happened to have a silly sketch lying around, and quickly…

Robotic Creature

Leaving it at this I guess…