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Hana Figurine 3D Print

The 3d print arrived! Here are some pictures of the figurine, which has a height of about 17cm by the way: You can order your own copy of this print…

Spaceship Sketches

Some sketches of spaceships made during class for a school assignment. The spaceship does not need to be realistic, but it’s shape has to show the personality of a classmate.

Tuna-kun @kaetemi Ik wil ook een tekening nyahdesu, graag iets met catgirls, games en drank ohoho! Mijn artiest tekent liever meiden. T_T #Tsunacon Sketch of Tsunacon mascot Tuna-kun.

Dark Tsuna-chan

A variation on the Tsunacon mascot Tsuna-chan, made more awesome with a modified outfit and obviously a huge sword.

Merry christmas and Happy newyear!

EDIT (2024): AI ENHANCE!!!


Just some tower I sketched while taking a walk outside.

Tryker Girl

Manga-style CG drawing of a girl (click the picture on the left to view it in it’s original resolution), roughly based on the Tryker race of the (French developed) MMORPG…