3ds Max File Format (Part 2: The first inner structures; DllDirectory, ClassDirectory3)

Now that we understand the outer structure of the file, it’s time to look closer to what’s inside. The DllDirectory stream looks like a good starting point. After cleaning up…

3ds Max File Format (Part 1: The outer file format; OLE2)

The 3ds Max file format, not too much documentation to be found about it. There are some hints here and there about how it’s built up, but there exists no…

Exclusive 3D Printed figure for Tsunacon 2012

Like I did last year, I’ve made an exclusive 3d printed figure for the 2012 edition of Tsunacon (http://www.tsunacon.nl/), a convention in the Netherlands. The figure is again based on…

Smooth Full Color 3D Printing

First successful test piece for smooth FCS. More details in the thread on the Shapeways forums.

Testing Shapeways’ new Full Color Sandstone

Shapeways has recently updated the Full Color Sandstone process, to be more reliable and give more consistent colors. I had some samples printed, to compare them with the old FCS,…


Character illustration I made based on the new i-style project Vocaloid 3 character design from http://i-style.surpara.com/.


My Arduino + Gameduino + Ethernet + SD + NESController setup…

Gameduino Emulator Open Sourced

I’ve written an emulator for the Gameduino open retro gaming hardware, and made it open source. You can grab the source code from the Gameduino GitHub repository.

Light Decoration

A light decoration made from milk cartons for a school assignment.