Particle Playground

Particle Playground created with 3ds Max 2010 for the Digital Arts and Entertainment 3D5 particles assignment.

SSE2 memcpy

SSE2 provides functionality for performing faster on aligned memory. By copying the first and last bytes of an unaligned memory destination using the conventional unaligned functionality, and copying everything in…

Camera Tracking Test

First test of camera tracking as part of a Digital Arts and Entertainment Video Production assignment. Tracking was done with Autodesk MatchMover. The box and cylinder wires are just for…

Back from Cairo

Back from the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 in Cairo. Our team, Runtime Error, reached the top 6 of the Game Development category with Balanced. We had lots of people coming…


Just some tower I sketched while taking a walk outside.

Balanced Sneak Preview

Currently working on this here with a small team.

STB1 Animated Storyboard – Layers

Some full page collapsed layers from a storyboarding assignment, December 2008.

Snowballs – April 2009. Status

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted any follow ups on my first blog post on Snowballs yet. I had some ideas planned to talk about, but there’s been…

Sound Synthesis

Last week I’ve been playing around a bit with sound synthesis, as I was interesting in seeing (or rather hearing) what it takes to get a decently human voice sound…

Random Girl I

Had requests from some people for some more drawings in this style from me, so here’s one. Nothing really special, happened to have a silly sketch lying around, and quickly…