Snowballs – April 2009. Status

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted any follow ups on my first blog post on Snowballs yet. I had some ideas planned to talk about, but there’s been other work like the NeLSound engine that had higher priority. Since Snowballs doesn’t have sound yet, you can see this as work on Snowballs as well, if you wish so. I have also been working on getting the content pipeline up and running. About half of the old broken script mess have been converted to python scripts right now, so it’s possible here to pull a whole new landscape trough the content pipeline. There’s some stuff outside NeL that I’m working on, as well, which takes up quite a bit of time as well. But more importantly, there’s this game I’m *cough*secretly*cough* working on, which I’m using NeL for. This has been producing some pretty nice code that might sometime be modified for use in Snowballs. It’s got some useful stuff in there like a login screen that uses CEGUI, with a bunch of changes to the login server to get some more information on the shards in the window.