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Tsunacon 2014 Figure: Work in Progress

Current project, a new 3D printed figure for Tsunacon 2014, work in progress.

Testing more airbrush paints (part two)

Tried out some more paints, this time comparing the results at different pressures as well. This time I’ve lowered the pressure just a bit to about 35 psi, which might…

Airbrush paint tests (part one)

Finally got some time to try out the new airbrush and compare some paints. For these first test I used the “Tamiya Spray Work HG Airbrush III”, with the air…

Gaianotes paints arrived

The paints from gaianotes finally arrived as well. Even though I picked speedpost, which should arrive in only a few days, it basically stayed waiting at customs for a few…

Spray cabin arrived

The spray cabin arrived, along with some other stuff. Important for keeping bad fumes from the airbrush out of the room.

Spray-putty and sandpaper

Bought some spray-putty and tried it out on this thing here. Finished it first with 600 grit sandpaper followed by 1200 grit. Looks pretty smooth. Probably need a few more…

Airbrush test

Tested out my airbrush today. I haven’t got my spray booth yet, though. And that is really something that’s needed, seriously. Also ordered a pressure control valve, because it seems…

Plamo Colour paints finally arrived

Paints from Plamo Colour finally arrived! With some extras to apologize for the delay too. Might try them out tomorrow.

RSS feeds

Installed the Liferea RSS reader on my netbook. This works a lot handier than any RSS reader I’ve tried before. Just open the unread folder, scroll through the headlines, read…

Lossless JPEG transforms

Was aware that it existed, but didn’t really bother with it before. There’s a tool called jpegtran which allows you to do lossless rotations and cropping of JPEGs. Very useful….