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Gameduino Emulator Open Sourced

I’ve written an emulator for the Gameduino open retro gaming hardware, and made it open source. You can grab the source code from the Gameduino GitHub repository.

I have an Arduino

So, I recently bought an Arduino. It’s a programmable microcontroller board for prototyping circuits. I got one of Sparkfun’s kits, which has some random cool stuff in it as well,…

KaeteMIX – Node based sound editor (preview)

Beta version will be available for download in the near future.

Node based Sound Editor, Work in progress

Working on something cool.

SSE2 memcpy

SSE2 provides functionality for performing faster on aligned memory. By copying the first and last bytes of an unaligned memory destination using the conventional unaligned functionality, and copying everything in…

Sound Synthesis

Last week I’ve been playing around a bit with sound synthesis, as I was interesting in seeing (or rather hearing) what it takes to get a decently human voice sound…

NeLSound XAudio2 Driver (Update)

The project to run NeLSound on top of Microsoft’s new XAudio2 API is already nearing it’s final stages of development. The driver currently implements all basic functionality required by NeLSound,…

NeLSound XAudio2 Driver

I have recently started working on an XAudio2 driver for NeLSound, which will allow OpenNeL to make use of Microsoft’s new XAudio2 sound library (included in the latest DirectX SDK),…