Portfolio (2009)

Digital Arts & Entertainment

Nominated for the MultiMania 2009 award show with the last two game projects I worked on, in the Game Development category.

Wrote a Massive Multiplayer Online Bullet Hell game prototype, capable of transporting ten thousands of moving bullet entities together with hundreds of player and bot entities, to every single player, scaling up to thousands of players, over dial up speed connection, making use of custom UDP networking code with specialized packet loss management.

Finalist for the Microsoft Imagine Cup in the top 6 of the Game Development category for the planet building strategy game Balanced with a five man team. Visited Cairo in Egypt for the Microsoft Imagine Cup finals.

Nominated for all three game projects I worked on the past year for the DAE Game Awards, in the Integration, XNA and 3D Programming categories.

Completed second year, and started third (and last) year of Digital Arts and Entertainment at the University College of West Flanders (HOWEST, PIH).

Worked on a Cooperative Instant Action Arcade Invasion First Person Shooter mod for the Unreal 3 Engine with a seven man team, as part of Digital Arts and Entertainment classes.

Personal Work

Built a reverse image search engine on top of a custom HTTP server in C#, where the user gives a URL to an existing image on the web, and is presented with a list of resembling images after a few milliseconds. The system contains a web spider capable of scanning the web for images, with specific rules for improving performance on various image hosts.

Created an application for easy and automatic translation of software application executables, making use of the Google Translate and Bing Translation APIs. The translations are cached in an online database, where users can suggest new translations trough a voting system. Users do not need any application source code for creating a translated version. The application is capable of reassembling new resources directly into binary executables, and rebuilding the pointer tables.