Portfolio (2008)

NeL (Open Source)

Joined the official open source NeL Developer team. NeL is the open source game engine used by the commercially released MMORPG Ryzom.

Improved the NeL Sound library to allow fully customized reverb effects, instead of just the basic fixed set.

A feature-complete XAudio2 driver for the NeL Sound library. Implemented features include the complete range of 3d sound control, as well as the reverb effect, and OGG/Vorbis music streaming (later refactored into NeL Sound).

Updated the OpenAL driver for the NeL Sound library to use the newer EFX extension, replacing the older unsupported EAX2.0 library, for the reverb effects.

Prototype implementation of SpatialView’s stereo display SDK in Snowballs, the demo game for the NeL game engine.

Digital Arts & Entertainment

Wrote a C++ clone of the first level of Epic MegaGames Jazz Jackrabbit for a school exam assignment, using the existing graphics and sound data. The game data was extracted from the original files by using various modified open source tools. The game application itself is built from scratch using the Win32 API and FMod for playing the module music files. Technical features of this game include 2d tiled landscape rendering with destroyable elements, using a bitmasked 2d landscape collision system. The ingame bots have simple walking/flying behaviour code, there’s also the usual sprite animation system, the game window is resizable using internal drawing buffers of a different size than the window itself, and there’s a basic particle system for the shiny star and explosion effects. The menu screen features an animated blue-ish background noise. Won second place at the DAE Game Awards 2008, category Arcade Games, competing with the other students of the year who took the C++ exam, the winning entries were chosen by various industry professionals.

Completed first year, and started second year of Digital Arts & Entertainment at HOWEST.

Created a first person shooter mod for the Valve Source engine, with a team of six people.

Started work on the game Balanced, using the Microsoft XNA framework, with a team of 5. A planet building strategy game, where your goal is to win the trust and help from the inhabitants, saving the planet from disaster by making the right choices.