Portfolio (2007)

OpenNeL (Open Source Project)

Joined the open source OpenNeL developer team. NeL is the game engine/library used by the MMORPG Ryzom.

Patched in several bugfixes for the NeL prototype game Snowballs.

Digital Arts & Entertainment

Started in the first year of Digital Arts & Entertainment at HOWEST.

Internship at Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS)

Made an animated warning displayer for the NOC screen, as part of my training at BICS, using Python, SQL, XML, Javascript and SVG. The screen shows an SVG document powered by Javascript, which contains a list of error, warning, and info messages which is grabbed trough an XML file returned by a Python script which grabs the data from an SQL database. When new error messages arrive, or the error level of a message changes, the application uses animations to give clear visual feedback, so that the user immediately has clear visual feedback on what changed in the
error list.

Personal Work

Built an almost fully featured high performance HTTP server in C# from scratch on top of the basic TCP socket classes. The software consisted of a HTTP library purely handling the HTTP protocol, with some extra utility functions such as sending files, directory indexes and error pages, as well as a higher level file server application, controlled trough configuration files, with support for plugins. Available is a plugin for adding CGI support, confirmed to give a fully working PHP or Perl website environment, as well as a plugin for directly adding IronPython scripting support.