Portfolio (2006)

Internship at Belgacom International Carrier Services

Trainee at Belgacom International Carrier Services’ (BICS) Operation Support Systems (OSS) team for a year, one day every two weeks, for completing my last year of “Informaticabeheer” (IT management) at the Sancta Mariainstituut in Lembeek.

Documented the installation of various open source tools on the internal team wiki as initial assignment for my training at BICS. Setup and documented a test installation for Bacula, a distributed open source backup and recovery system, and for OCS Inventory, an open source application that allows tracking computer configurations on the network, on various Linux distributions trough remote SSH terminal sessions.

Created a window manager for the NOC at BICS in C# using the .NET framework in combination with native Win32 calls. The application can run fullscreen or windowed, and includes support for automatically switching embeddable tabs, row and column splitters, self-refreshing browser windows, taking control of running application windows, RSS feed ticker, and various other tools. Only a minimum of the available screen space is used by the window manager itself, hiding all internal functionality in context specific right-click menus. The application’s state can be saved, so that the configured views can be automatically reloaded in case the machine has to be restarted.