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Message from the future

So, last week I received a package that’s dated next week. It contained a sample part from Stratasys printed on a Fortus machine. Looks pretty good and feels very strong…

Figure Prototype Stand

Another thing I’m working on at the moment. This is a figurine stand designed specifically for prototype figures. It basically allows you to place pretty much any figure on it,…

Personalized 3D Printed Keychain

I did some revisions to the 3d printed keychain, which I previously used to make the video with the hammer. Received the new 3d print in the mail last week,…

Watercoloring Shapeways’ White Strong & Flexible

Coloring test on Shapeways’ White Strong & Flexible 3D printing material, using Winsor & Newton watercolors and Letraset ProMarkers. With watercolors it is possible to make soft gradients between colors,…

Shapeways’ Full Color ‘Sandstone’ Strength Test

Here’s the video where I fail to break the thing in two by hand, and therefore resort to a hammer. Spoiler: the printed thing does not survive. Printed by Shapeways…

3D print samples from Shapeways

Got some nice 3d print samples from Shapeways.

A 3d color test print

To try out the ‘Full Color Sandstone’ material at Shapeways, I ordered a print for a simple but obviously colorful test piece. The material kind of feels like a small…

DAE Studios Intro Logo

DAE Studios, intro logo. I did the sound effects in Audacity. Graphics were done by Nick.

KaeteMIX – Node based sound editor (preview)

Beta version will be available for download in the near future.