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Using a USB isolator to remove audio ground loop noise

A couple of days ago, when hooking up my laptop to my PC’s line input, I was met with an unacceptable noise that I found was coming from a ground…

Looking for a way to stream Linux laptop audio to Windows desktop

I’m setting up my old laptop next to my desktop. Currently my desktop, running Windows 10, is connected to an old Creative X-Fi USB sound card that’s no longer supported….

New Year, New Blog

Happy new year! The past years have gone by quickly, and my blog has been gathering lots of dust. I’ve restored, and improved on, the layout that was in use…

First try at surface mount soldering

Soldering iron set to 340°C. IC fixed in place with solder on one pin, then drag soldered the pins on both sides. Might work with lower temperature. Should’ve taped off…

Polyverse and Tempest in the Aether

Ingame screenshot of work-in-progress environment content provided by the Tempest in the Aether project. Working on the lighting and effects setup. Used as testing area for Polyverse, using the Ryzom…

Global Game Jam 2015

Made some music again at the global game jam this year.


Ingame screenshot of work-in-progress S-type asteroid landscape. Working on the texturing, landscape modeling and lightcycle effects. Character model used for testing provided by Winch Gate under CC-BY-SA.

Ryzom on the Oculus Rift

Currently porting an MMORPG to the Oculus Rift. Early builds are available on the Oculus VR forums.

Tsunacon 2014 Figure: Work in Progress

Current project, a new 3D printed figure for Tsunacon 2014, work in progress.

Testing more airbrush paints (part two)

Tried out some more paints, this time comparing the results at different pressures as well. This time I’ve lowered the pressure just a bit to about 35 psi, which might…