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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Camera tracking using manually placed tracking points (Autodesk MatchMover)

Originally written and published in Dutch on the DaeXperience forums.

While fully automated tracking may be tempting, there's a good chance that often manually placing and verifying all of the tracking points on your footage may turn out to be much less frustrating, as you do not have to mask out any moving objects, and you have full control and responsibility over all the tracks. Take roughly four hours trial and error for a reliable finished tracking of a short video cut.

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Wednesday 14 October 2009

Camera Tracking Test

First test of camera tracking as part of a Digital Arts and Entertainment Video Production assignment. Tracking was done with Autodesk MatchMover. The box and cylinder wires are just for show and have no real use whatsoever except for testing stuff.

"Camera Tracking Test" tracked in MatchMover (3D Camera Tracking)